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Mama's This one is for you.

I know how busy we all are, and bring bundles of joy into your lives can be god damn hard.. so talking from experience I wanted to share with you my top tips on how I stay organised with 2 babies under 2 whilst working full time owning 2 businesses.


01. Getting ready for the next morning, the evening before.

There's nothing worse than oversleeping, or breakfast running over, not being able to find the yellow jumper ready for school or being that mum that's running across the car park at 9:05am.. Which is why I always make the lunch boxes at night time, lay their clothes out in their bedrooms and prepare their back packs every night.

02. The dreaded washing

This one i'm still trying to get the hang of, but I have found that having 2 washing baskets, 1 for lights and 1 for darks is a life saviour, washing the clothes at night saves on energy, and if you invest in a dehumidifier it helps dry clothes in half the time.

When you come to putting clothes away, stack them in piles of which room they are going into and pop away that night so you have no clutter in your home.

03. Make a list

Making a list of things that you need to do the next day before you go to bed is my bible. I Stick with it and love the fact I can tick things off once it's done - plus you never forget to do anything or spend to much time watching tv instead of doing the food shop etc.

04. Cleaning & Tidying

Unfortunately statistics still shout loudly and clearly that women are still more likely to have to do most of a couple’s housework and childcare.Divide and conquer when it comes to chores. And I’m talking about involving kids as soon as they are old enough too. Create a list of chores that need to be done daily and keep on top of them. Keep the weekend cleaning to a minimum so that you can enjoy time as a family on a weekend and create family memories.

05. Cooking

If and when you do have time to cook a really delicious meal, cook double and freeze half of it.

There is nothing more delightful on a tired weekday evening than knowing getting dinner on the table is as simple as defrosting something you made earlier. So much stress can be alleviated when your tired, by grabbing a delicious meal you've already prepared.

I really hope you’ve found this list useful. Have a go incorporating some or all of the tips into your life and see how you get on.

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